About the Carriage House Bakery

Welcome to the Carriage House Bakery! We feature a traditional wood-fired brick oven that produces crusty, hearth baked artisan breads. Our rich, hearty breads are a great accompaniment to any meal, whether it’s your dinner table at home or in a restaurant.

For those of you that are not familiar with our bakery, the above picture is an actual picture of our brick oven. Everyday, we load it up with 80 to 90 lbs. of firewood to heat up the bricks. The breads are then baked right on the brick hearth, creating that wonderful crust. 

The Carriage House breads are made using organic and whole ingredients whenever possible. They are not made with fats, fillers or preservatives. The only mechanized step in the production process is mixing the dough in large dough mixers. Everything else is done by hand. The dough is scaled by hand, shaped by hand and the bread is put in the oven on a peel by hand. Each loaf of bread has its characteristics and no two are exactly alike. It’s all the attention to detail that makes our bread so good. Producing a really good loaf of bread it takes time, quality ingredients, time, attention and more time.

The breads are produced using a natural yeast culture. The culture gives the bread a nice, full-bodied, sour flavor. We have breads ranging from mild to very sour. If you like sourdough breads you’ll really enjoy the Carriage House breads. For the non-sourdough bread lovers, the bakery makes two breads using commercial yeast which does not give the bread a sour flavor. 

The Carriage House Bakery is currently producing bread in 15 different flavors. The bakery also makes a wonderful array of smaller specialty sweet and savory products. The smaller specialty items range from croissants to pesto knots. For more information on the specialty items, please visit our Goodies page. For wholesale information, please visit our Contact Us page for contact information.