Owned and operated by its members, the Potsdam Food Co-op has been part of the North Country community since 1973. We provide natural, international, and specialty foods at the lowest possible cost. Members and the public alike are welcome to shop at the Co-op, which carries fresh organic produce, foods in bulk and packaged and canned goods that are healthful, appetizing and produced using ecologically responsible practices.

Started by a group of seven families who got together and bought food in bulk quantities, the Co-op today still features most of a household’s staple items. It has grown enormously over the years and now numbers more than 800 member households.

The Potsdam Food Co-op is a place where everyone is welcome to shop and anyone is welcome to join.

Co-op Advantages for All Shoppers

  • Shoppers can find specialty products unavailable elsewhere.
  • Staff members are friendly and well-informed. If you need help or have a question, just ask.
  • People on special diets (wheat or dairy-free, low sodium, etc.) can find the products and ingredients they need as well as books on allergies and special dieting.
  • Bulk bins make buying such items as spices, grains, oils, rice and cereals easy and convenient: shoppers buy only what they need each time and help to reduce packaging waste.
  • As part of the local community, the Co-op is committed to its well-being and buys fresh from local suppliers whenever feasible. The emphasis on organic produce is unique to this area. The store also stocks local specialty meats, such as beef and chicken, as well as organic free-range chicken and turkey, in the freezer section.
  • The store is a good place to meet friends and neighbors, to catch up on local news while picking groceries.

Benefits of Membership
Anyone can shop at the Co-op.  However, there are benefits to membership. Member-Owners are entitled to:

  • Participation in the Co-op community (serving on committees, the Board of Directors, volunteering in the store or at events, etc.)
  • A vote for board of director nominees at the annual meeting
  • Access to the Buying Club
  • A member-owner benefits card offering discounts at various area businesses
  • Lower prices on monthly sales item
  • A 2% discount on all purchases
  • The option of earning a 10% or 20% discount on your purchases by contributing labor to the operation (1 hour/month is necessary for each adult in the member household for 10% discounts and 3 hours/week for 20%)

How To Become A Member-Owner

The annual membership fee is currently set at $25 per year for a household. The $25 fee breaks down as $15 in dues and a $10 share in the Co-op. The share is your investment in the Co-op, which makes you a co-owner. Over time, when your share amount equals $100, you will pay only your annual dues.

Come in and ask any staff member for a membership form or click below to print a form out. Just fill out the form and give it to the cashier with your fee.

After your household information is processed, you will be given a member discount card with a unique member ID number. In order to receive your discount and member sale prices your card must be scanned at the register prior to any purchase.

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